Ecorite Moisterizing Hand Soap (BULK)
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Ecorite Moisterizing Hand Soap (BULK)

Ecorite Moisterizing Hand Soap (BULK)

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Cucumber-Melon Fragrance

This collection contains a high quality moisturizing formula and has rapidly become one of our favorite collections. The size of the product appeals to most hotels, the scent is lovely and inviting (Cucumber/Melon), the shampoo lathers extremely well, and for those hotels wanting to “go green” this is the perfect option for them. If you are living at, selling to or visiting a coastal region, this entire collection is the one for you! The packaging has a wonderful crisp, fresh and “beach holiday” feel to it and a clean fresh presence.

  • This collection is very well suited all hotels.
  • Bottle Size: 3.79 L/1 Gal
  • Priced per Case
  • Case pack: 2 bottles

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