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Size Chart

These days, the “standard” depth of mattresses ranges from 9” to 22” and pillow tops and other toppers can affect the size of sheets needed. It is important to actually measure your mattress before purchasing sheets and other bedding.


Note: For triple sheeting, it is recommended to get at least one size larger of the appropriate bed size. For example, for a queen bed that has a 9” deep mattress, the top sheet should be at least 90”x115”.

Description Size Suggested Pocket Depth
Twin 66x104 9"
Twin 66x108 12"
Twin 66x115 15"
Full 81x104 9"
Full 81x108 12"
Full 81x115 15"
Queen 90x110 9"
Queen 90x115 12"
Queen 90x120 15"
King 108x110 9"
King, California King 108x115 12"
King, California King 108x120 15"




Description Size Pocket Depth
Twin 39x75 9"
Twin XL 39x80 9", 12"
Full 54x75 9"
Full XL 54x80 9", 12", 15"
Queen 60x80 9", 12", 15"
King 78x80 9", 12", 15"
Split King (2 Twin Box Springs) 39x80 9", 12"
California King 72x84 9", 12", 15”



In the hospitality industry, pillow cases measurements are expressed in the size before sewing. So a pillow case that actually measures 21”x36” will typically be expressed as 42”x36”. For standard pillow cases, there are typically two sizes: 42”x34” and 42”x36”. The pillow case measurement is the same, but the hem on the 42”x34” is a 1” hem and the 42”x36” is a 2” hem.


Description Size Pillow Case

Recommended Number of Pillows

per Bed Size

Twin Full Queen King
Standard 20x26 42x34, 42x36 1 2 3 4
Queen 20x30 42x40 1 1 2 3
King 20x36 42x46 1 1 1 2



Bed skirts are formed to fit the foundation, so the size will be the same as the foundation. The standard height is 14”. However, be sure to measure from the top of the foundation to the floor before ordering.

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