How to Choose the Perfect Bedding?
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How to Choose the Perfect Bedding?

Where do I start?

When selecting bedding, the best place to start is to think about how you want your sheets to feel against your skin when you climb into bed. Some people prefer light, crisp sheets, while others prefer a soft, smooth sensation. The fabric and weave – not the thread count – create the comfort and feel you love.


Why Material Matters

The right fabric comes down to personal preference. Different fabrics have inherent properties that create your dream sleep surface.

 Bamboo Fiber Tencel Fiber Egyptian Cotton Linen Fiber


Sustainable fibers are naturally smooth for silky-soft sheets that stay cool and drape beautifully.


Eco-friendly fibers create ultra-light, cool fabric with superb moisture-wicking capabilities.


The finest, longest staple of all cotton fibers create soft, supple sheets with a lovely sheen.


Durable, natural linen is light and soft, with traits to keep your sleep environment fresh and dry.


 Flannel Fiber Cotton Blend Microfiber


Brushed 100% cotton has a velvety touch that blends softness, warmth and durability.



Blended with premium cotton and woven for a crisp, clean feel and wrinkle-resistant elegance.


Double-brushed, micro-thin threads create breathable, wrinkle-resistant, super soft sheets.



What's in A Weave?

The pattern of thread weave creates the texture of a fabric. The weave used makes a difference in how your sheets look and feel.

Percale Weave Seteen Weave Flannel Weave Microfiber Weave

Lightweight and closely woven, percale bed sheets have smooth finish and a crisp feel.


Sateen sheets are woven with more fibers on the fabric surface for smooth, lustrous finish.


A plain weave with threads raised on the surface on both sides for a napped, fluffy finish.


A tight, basic weave of ultra-fine microfiber threads helps insulate and resist allergens.

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