Caring for Your Towels
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Caring for Your Towels

General Care Tips

  • Do not lay the product on the floor of the laundry.  Frequently laundries which do this expose the linens to battery acid and other contaminants from the floor that destroys or degrades the cotton.
  • Do not combine too many different types of products in the same load.
  • When laundries combine items like tablecloths (whether colored or not) with white sheets they contaminate both products.
  • Do not wash colored sheets with the same process as white sheets.  Including optical bleach on colored sheets changes the apparent shade of the colored sheet.


(As recommended by Thomaston Mills)

Wash and dry your towels before using them for the first time. Washing the towels first will remove any manufacturing finishes and allows maximum absorbency.

Avoid using fabric softeners on toweling, as it will reduce the absorbency of the fibers.

Give your towels a shake when taking them out of the washer. This will help fluff the terry loops that aid absorbency.

  • Don't iron towels; this will reduce absorbency.
  • Line or warm tumble dry
  • Use warm or cold water for washing colored towels.
  • Dark and medium colors should be washed separately.
  • Use regular washing detergents and never use bleach and OBA on colored towels.
  • Avoid hot water washes as this could fade the magnificent colors in your towels over time.
  • Do not let them in direct sun light for a long period, it can fade the color.


While tumble-drying will make the towel fluffy, do not overdo the drying, as the heat from the dryer can damage the integrity of the cotton fibers. We recommend using a lower heat setting occasionally or alternate between air and heat drying.


To maximize the absorbency of a towel, add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle, about every six weeks, to restore the towel to full absorbency. The vinegar removes any excess detergent, which can affect the towels’ absorbency.


As all our towels are woven, a pulled loop will not unravel the towel. If you catch the towel and pull a loop, cut off the pulled loop with a pair of scissors.

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